Swiss Cheese (AA+)


Swiss Cheese (AA+)

Phenotype: Hybrid (Indica-Dominant)
Grade: AA+
THC/CBD Content: 16% – 20%/ <0.1% (Grower Average)
Flavor: cheesy, pungent, skunk
Effects: relaxed, happy, euphoric
Nug size: medium (contains popcorn)
Medicinal properties: stress, pain, and insomnia

The pungent, cheesy odor of Swiss Cheese strain is hard to ignore and forget. This indica-dominant strain has an 80/20 ratio that remains popular among many weed aficionados. Swiss Cheese weed offers a happy, relaxed high that can treat stress, depression and pain.



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Detailed Strain Information

One of the most popular weed strains to come from the United Kingdom is the UK Cheese strain. It’s also often referred to as Exodus and Swiss cheese.

This common favourite has a recognizable, pungent cheese smell that is reminiscent to blue cheese. This cannabis strain also possesses unique notes of berries and spicy cheese when smoked. Its spicy, savoury flavour is a hit among many. It’s a great alternative to those who are looking for something other than fruity, sweet and herbal flavors.

Swiss Cheese is an indica dominant hybrid strain. It was originally bred by the Exodus Collective in the early 90s, and comes from inbreeding Skunk #1. The variety in the terpenes of cheese strains, like octanoic acid and methyl tert-butyl ether, allow this type of weed to have a powerful, pungent smell.

The pungent and powerful taste has a slight umami to it that many users absolutely adore.

UK Cheese Strain Effects

Although this strain of weed is Indica dominant and a phenotype of skunk, smokers can enjoy a very balanced high. This bud will hit quickly, and can offer a euphoric effect that is loved by many. Best of all, many users report feeling a lot more creative on this cheese strain.

In comparison to other cheese strains, UK cheese has a more potent effect

As a cheese strain, UK cheese products many THC-potent trichomes. This allows it to produce not only its euphoric effect, but a relaxing effect as well.

Potential Medicinal Effects:

The unique terpene profile of UK cheese allows it to have many potential medicinal effects. This is one of the many cannabis strains recommended for:

  • Moderate pain relief
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Stress

This strain of pot is great for treating moderate pain, as it offers exceptional body numbing properties and effects.

Users also report that they do not lose their appetite on this weed. In fact, some users have even gone as far as to claim that this strain of pot can restore appetite.

This strain of weed may also be used to treat fatigue and muscle spasms.


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