Purple Candy (AAA)


Purple Candy (AAA)

Phenotype: Hybrid

Grade: AAA
THC/CBD Content: 18% to 20%/ <0.1%
Flavor: grape, sweet, berry
Effects: relaxed, happy, sleepy
Medicinal properties: Can treat stress, insomnia, inflammation, pain and headaches

Purple Candy is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that is known for the deep, relaxing body high that it is able to deliver. Bred in beautiful British Columbia as a cross between Sweet Tooth and Mendocino Purps, Purple Candy nugs are often violet in colour, as reflected in the strain’s grape-like terpene profile. The purple hues from these nugs come from their parent strain, Mendocino Purp.  The pigment, anthocyanins, create the violet colour that smokers always look for in their marijuana. Though beautiful and soothing in colours, this bud should be smoked in moderation due to its high potency. With THC content measured between 15% and 20%, Purple Candy bud can be too much to handle, even for heavy smokers.

Unlike other sativa strains, the indica-dominant features of Purple Candy does not produce intense cerebral effects in its users. As such, Purple Candy weed is an excellent choice for people with a low THC tolerance. Upon inhaling this magnificent strain, smokers can feel the immediate euphoric effects Purple Candy is able to offer.




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Gram (1G), Eighth (3.5G), Quarter (7G), Half (14G), Oz (28G)

1 review for Purple Candy (AAA)

  1. fbireef (verified owner)

    Had a good high but absolutely zero purple to it

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