October Featured Deal

$180.00 $155.00

Out of stock

October Featured Deal

Enjoy 3 staple (AAA) strains and 1 (AAAA) strain.

You must choose at least 3 different AAA strains, and only 1 AAAA strain. Please read this carefully, as orders with more than 1 AAAA selection will not be processed. It will just take longer for you to receive your goods, as we will have to email you to edit and change your order.

Unlike previous months, we may not be restocking this list throughout the month, so once it’s sold out, it’s sold out.


$180.00 $155.00

Out of stock

payments for orders accepted by 12 PM PST (3 PM EST) are shipped out same business day​


5 reviews for October Featured Deal

  1. ken08jr (verified owner)

    Great deal, all the strains were amazing. really loved purple space cookies

  2. GerBear (verified owner)

    Absolutely incredible, got the Zombie Kush, Blue Cheese, Pink Kush and Purple Alien Cookies and all are phenomenal especially the cookies and pink kush

  3. Jamie

    Third time ordering the monthly deal, arrived very fast and great quality as always. I got Jack Herer x2, Zombie Kush, and Purple Space Cookies. Very good stuff, and very impressed with every order so far. I always weigh too and the packages are always slightly overweight. Had to reach out to support for help using my points, as there seemed to be some sort of bug on the website, and they were very fast to reply and resolve the issue. Look forward to many more orders in the future!

  4. samanthagreen9512 (verified owner)

    This was my first order from Cannabud and I just have to say, if you’re questioning it at all, GRAB THIS DEAL RIGHT NOW. It’s incredible value for money. I got Blue Cheese, Jack Herer, Pink Kush and Purple Space Cookies. All weighed over, trimmed well, clearly cured well, smell and look and taste on point. The JH were popcorn nugs, but at 155 that’s no problem at all. Plus Space Cookies and Blue Cheese were huge nugs. And most importantly, all gave a nice solid high. Really happy with you guys! Seriously folks grab this deal! Also, this was my first Cheese strain and it’s trulyyyy cheesey in the best way.

  5. Spliffa (verified owner)

    Well, damn. This was my first order with CBP, but kept seeing their name online, so I had to check them out. I ordered an oz of Pink Kush, 14g of Jack Herer, and 14g of Purple Space Cookies. All 3 are definitely AAA+, and so far the Pink Kush has really surprised me. I haven’t pressed the other 2 yet, but the rosin yield from Pink Kush is great, so I expect good things all around. Will order from CBP again.

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