Monthly Featured Deal


Monthly Featured Deal

Our Featured Deal this month comes with 7 Grams of Critical Kush by Mosca Seeds. 

The other 3 x 7 gram selections are totally up to you. As a way for our customers to enjoy our wide flower selection, you can choose additional AAAA strains for an extra $10 per quarter.

Gummy lovers, you can now add various edible products for a cost that is discounted from their stand-alone prices.

payments for orders that are accepted by 12 PM PST (3 PM EST) are shipped out in the same day

payments for orders that are accepted by 12 PM PST (3 PM EST) are shipped out in the same day


14 reviews for Monthly Featured Deal

  1. Pete

    Basically the same as the October deal( which I ordered twice), but a great deal all the same. Nice choice of strains, well trimmed, nice quality and great aroma.

  2. morash41 (verified owner)

    Simply amazing… The pgm and mandrin cookies are perfect

  3. Mike

    Very good for the price all sites should have this type of deal to bad k*** st***** keeps upping the price thank God for this place b/c I’m poor hahaha

  4. Nik Dugandzic (verified owner)

    Wow, after looking for a place that has what they say the long search is over. Amazing customer service as well as product. Fast shipping, friendly service and the quality. Jack Herer was so tasty, nosey, sweet. Buzz is uplifting and creative/ activities are definitely more welcome after consuming. Smoked very even, busted up great. Buds were nice and fluffy which is what I prefer. 10/10.

  5. Bcreeferman (verified owner)

    Good price and good way to try a few different strains,If you like variety like me. Got the pinkkush which is great but is light on the nose,4star general great all around and half oz deathbubba because its DB lol and havent tried it yet. Great service,answered all my questions and shipped my parcel quickly.

  6. Herb Leham (verified owner)

    Worth every penny. Tried Pink Kush, Death Bubba, Four Star General and Platinum Blue City Diesel. 5 outta 5 for the first 3, Stony right on point. Thanks!

  7. AKnows

    Hard to beat a deal like this. A mix’n’match ounce at a price lower than the cost per ounce for the strains on offer! I chose Jack Herer, Mandarin Cookies, Atomic Nuken and Cookies’n’Cream – all fantastic!

  8. m.luhning (verified owner)

    I ordered this twice, very good deal and very impressed with the product and shipping speed. My only gripe is that I had ordered a boveda pack to alongside my flower, and it was missing from the order which was rather disappointing.. but I guess I can let it slide for $1.25..

    • CannabudPost

      Happy update: The Boveda pack was inside the PGM. 🙂 Please check all packages for Boveda packs. We place them inside. If you’d prefer them to be separate, please leave us a note with your order.

  9. Dgsmokes (verified owner)

    I found Cannabudpost about 5 months ago and haven’t used another MOM since. 4th time I’ve ordered the monthly deal, and each order has been great. Shipping has never been longer than 3 days. I placed one order early Monday morning and it was delivered Wednesday morning. Some favourites include Pink Kush, GG4/Nuken, Atomic Nuken, and Lindsay OG. They seem to make a point to include at least one nice big bud in each of the 7 gram packs, which i appreciate. Overall a real solid deal, especially for those of us on a budget. Until next time!

  10. Bodrew French (verified owner)

    I am extremely Satisfied with my order. I’ve been ordering from these guys for a while now and not once have I been disappointed. Always get what I pay for. Keep up the amazing work and I will definitely stay with you guys.

  11. Dylan (verified owner)

    Unreal value. Three AAA+ and a quad for $155? Who else does that? Best part is, aside from being a tad dry, they’re products are certainly true to the strains. Burn white, potency and effects are all on point to the strain and shipping was extremely fast(two days to Manitoba) and packaged discreetly.

    I’d highly recommend giving these guys a try!

  12. Benjamin P (verified owner)

    I’ve been searching for a new MOM for awhile after my last few had some awful price increases. My first ounce from you guys and I’m totally sold these AAA’s are on par or better in comparison to the quads from other places. Thank you for the great customer service as well!

  13. P*** Q********* (verified owner)

    Your prices are extremely competitive…..staying with you guys from now on……thank you cannabudpost……

  14. Rummage (verified owner)

    My 2nd Monthly deal and another great value.

    I was skeptical about the Organic AAAA, but dam, it hits the spot. Keep it up and I will keep coming back.


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