2 OZ Deal (Black Diamond and Nuken) AAA

$245.00 $220.00

2 OZ Deal (Black Diamond and Nuken) AAA

Get an OZ of each for $220. Original price $245


$245.00 $220.00

1 in stock


1 review for 2 OZ Deal (Black Diamond and Nuken) AAA

  1. skip (verified owner)

    Both are nice bud…don’t plan activities after BD….fyi. …lol
    Liked it so much I got it a second time
    BD is beautifully manicured (a tad less nose than I’m used to with BD, but spot on)
    , first round of Nuken was too, second round fit description …a few excess stragling sugar leaves…no biggie tho (and that killa Nuke nose…well done)
    Count spot on
    Keep up the good work….and the price point!…and you’ll see nothing but growth ( pun intended)

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