1 Gram THC Distillate Cart (5 Flavours)

$40.00 $38.00

1 Gram THC Distillate Cart (5 Flavours)

  • Cartridge Type: AVD cartridge
  • Device Material: Ceramic (porous for ease of absorption) and glass
  • THC: 93%-95%
  • Weight: 1 Full Gram of THC Distillate
  • Battery: not included 
  • Battery Compatibility: 510 Thread

We sell 3 cartridges mix and match for $11o.

$40.00 $38.00



What is an Advanced Vapor Device or Cartridge?

Advanced Vapor Devices (AVD) were designed and produced in recent years with one goal in mind — provide users of cannabis oil with access to reliable and premium oil cartridges at budget prices.

Before AVD rose to popularity, vaporizer products were often unreasonably expensive at the higher end, or affordable but unreliable at the lower end. Thanks to AVDs, this disparity was eliminated, and consumers can now easily find well-designed and superior cartridges without breaking the bank.

With the vast selection of cartridges carried by vendors now a days, it can be confusing to find one that suits your needs. But you don’t need to worry, because by following the brief guide we have prepared for you, you can become a pro at vaping weed oil. Hell, you may even be able to give some purchasing advice to cart rookies at your next smoke session.

Choose a Cartridge with the Correct Strength

When buying distillate cartridges, the most important thing to consider is the strength of the cartridge. Cannabis flowers are enjoyed in the right dosage, and this golden rule is no different when it comes to cannabis oil. With distillate cartridges, it is very easy to choose the right balance between overwhelming paranoia and uplifting relaxation. Pre-loaded pens allow controlled doses with every puff you take. At CannabudPost, we purchase distillate pens from manufacturers that conduct lab tests on each batch of distillate oil they produce before they load them into each pen. As a result, when you receive the pen in your mailbox, you can safely conclude that each pen comes with 1 gram of THC.

Do you Want a Re-usable or Disposable Pen?

Re-usable and disposable pens are two of the most common options available to purchasers in the AVD market. At CannabudPost, we offer re-usable pens that are formatted with a 510-threaded vaporizer battery insert. The 510-thread is most commonly used, and has become the standardized battery for distillate pens over the years.

Some larger companies, such as Pax, offer pens that come with their own internal batteries, which can be charged through a USB cable. Of course, these pens are more expense, as increased re-usability is often correlated with the similar trend in pricing.

Disposable pens and cartridges are available as well. Disposable pens are highly recommended for convenience purposes. For example, travelling with these products is feasible when your destination is a remote region without power sources (camping trips). The pre-charged batteries installed often can support the device until all the oil is fully vaporized. In cases where the battery outlives the oil vaporization process, some users have even disassembled the devices and filled the cartridges with more distillate oil.

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